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   Arrow is the leader in manual, electric and brad nail fastening tools for the professional building trades and do-it-yourself markets. Founded in New York City, NY. In 1929 Arrow quickly became synonymous with its heavy duty steel staple gun, the T50® and its full range of staples. Time tested for more than 5 decades the Arrow T50® is the world's best selling staple gun. NJ since 1962, the company now markets a full line of manual and electric staplers, electric brad nail guns, glue guns, hammer tackers, rivet tools and the fastening supplies. Many of them are specifically designed to make the job easier for pro's and DIYers alike.







Hispamig began operations in 1994, manufacturing welding torches for, Mig/Mag, Tig robot systems as well as spare parts for them. Ergodani, Indutig and Wos are some of our trademarks registered worldwide and our products are commercialized in many countries both in the EU and outside.

Constant evolution, quality, service and innovation, as well as an exceptional workforce have enabled us to achieve a leading position in the sector, offering solutions and alternatives. Our products strictly comply with all current directives and regulations, as certified by internationally acknowledged certification organizations including the ISO 9001 Quality management standard, encompassing from design to post-sales service.

Our greatest asset is our R&D&I Department, which enables us to advance and improve day by day, this, is why we can offer technological excellence in products and new designs, adding technology to the most complex welding processes. A solution at the welder’s service is our slogan, reflecting our position in the sector. All the products we develop are intended to improve and eliminate the most common problems in the world of welding, something that fascinates us.


Noris Products are manufactured by our 100 employees in the gold-beating town of Schwabach in Germany.
We guarantee German quality products.
• Roll gold in all gold leaf colours, roll silver • Powder gold + powder silver in small plates
• Shell gold + shell silver, shell gold lacquers • Metal gloss, pearlescent and iridescent paints in lacquer
• Air brush machines for genuine gold and silver powder • Metal leaf, aluminum leaf, copper leaf, colored metal oxide also for hobby and decoration purposes in various colours and pictures. •  Metal leaf, aluminum and metal oxide on rolls • Gold glass tiles in various colours and dimensions • Special lacquers, special adhesives
• Gold-plating tools • edible gold and silver leaf in schabin, flakes and powder • Gold- and silver sets of edible gold leaf / silver leaf - an exclusive present in a dedicated box • "Gold Spirit" - a prickling experience with fascinate dancing gold in the champagne glas • Gold leaf in 32 different colours / silver leaf/ oxidized.



Consistent customer orientation and ground breaking innovations, excellent quality and comprehensive consulting competence make Schmalz the world's leading partner for vacuum technology in Automation, handling and clamping applications.

Certified quality

In our work, we never content ourselves with what we currently have. For us, continuous improvement is not just a catchphrase, but an integral part of our corporate culture. Since 1994, our quality management system has been regularly certified to DIN EN ISO-9001.

The future-oriented technology that we use allows our employees to provide efficient, first-rate service. We use state-of-the-art computer-aided quality (CAQ) software that keeps us constantly informed on the company’s current quality levels and allows us to respond promptly to changes. We also apply highly modern measurement methods to meet increasing product quality requirements. Another important part of our overall system is our suppliers, who contribute to the overall success of the company through continuous supplier development.
As a company that acts globally and offers innovative products and services, we provide our customers with efficient solutions tailored precisely to their particular applications' requirements. We inspire our customers everywhere where production processes are designed more efficiently through the use of vacuum technology.




Heller is one of the most important and most famous manufacturers of drilling tools in the world. We focus on providing top-class performance in all major fields – offering decisive advantages for the customer.
Products and product ranges:
 All products are successful on the market because they solve user problems. Market requirements, which are subject to constant change, are our yardstick. Only eight of the ten most important products in our production range are new on the market in recent years.
The product range - expertise down to the last detail
 Our customers can choose from a highly-developed, wide range of products covering all major aspects of drilling. The selection includes special solutions for particularly demanding holes, such as armoured concrete, granite or glass as well as intelligent systems, which allow holes up to 3 metres deep to be drilled. Quality, product safety and ergonomic design. Heller offers a wide range of solutions for every hole.        
Trijet SDS-plus Hammer Bits
New generation of hammer bits: powerful, fast & consistent
Impeller cutting edge with 3 blades for more effective material removal
Increased power transmission when drilling thanks to shaft-form head design
Long service life thanks to extremely wear-resistant single-phase tungsten carbide alloy
Robust head geometry thanks to embedded tungsten carbide head – will withstand multi impacts with reinforcement
Extremely fast removal of dust without blow-out thanks to wide spiral form
Optimised low-vibration triple spiral
DuraTec hardening technique by means of high-temperature soldering and shot-blasting technology
Certified by the Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer (PGM) in accordance with the requirements of the Deutsches Institute für Bautechnik (DIBt)


· 1980: Salvador Nuñez Sr. founded “BEST CARBIDE” in Gardena with the ambition to produce simply the “best” carbide cutting tools for his customers.  The company mainly focuses on the aerospace industry in the greater Los Angeles area, manufacturing special carbide cutting tools.

· 1984: Breakthrough in continuous product development.  “BEST CARBIDE” becomes an authorized supplier to many semi conductor companies and expands into the manufacturing of industry standard solid carbide round tools.

 · 1989: Increased product developments leads to a business expansion into South America.  “BEST CARBIDE” also purchases the 1st fully automated CNC machines with robots and makes a strategic commitment to establish a highly automated plant facility.

·1994: Continued sales expansion enables the move into a new plant facility.
·1998:  “BEST CARBIDE” earns nationwide recognition as a reputable outsourcing manufacturer in the U.S. cutting tool industry.
·2006:  Continues growth!  “BEST CARBIDE” has expanded into a six (6) building industrial complex and employs over 60 full time employees.
·2007: “BEST CARBIDE” launches its international branding strategy and accomplishes a new sales record, continuing its impressive double digit sales growth!
2008: ALL TIMES SALES RECORD & double digit growth in a global recession year!

 Superior Grinding Quality

Research on better surface quality remains an area of continuous technological advancement.  Since the cutting edge quality determines the tool life and cutting action, a superior grinding quality is critical.  “BEST CARBIDE” applies over 26 years of grinding experience and expertise, and utilizes the latest Swiss and German CNC grinding equipment to produce a superior surface finish.

 ·                 Optimized carbide grades.
·                 Superior grinding quality.
·                 Highly innovative tool geometries.
·                 Advanced tool coating technology.

·                 Latest CNC grinding technology.
·                 State of the art plant equipment.
·                 55 automated CNC grinding machines.
·                 Over 26 years of experience & expertise.Best 
            product /price value.



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