Metal Cutting Tools


IZAR CUTTING TOOLS, S.A.L. is a social economy company which manufactures and distributes
cutting tools for industrial use.

We work to become our customers’ best option for a cutting tool global programme, thanks to our quality, competitiveness and service excellence.

Our aim is to permanently satisfy, creating wealth, the needs and expectations of our customers, shareholders, personnel and society in general, while respectful to the environment.

our objective is to be recognized as the leader in producing and distributing cutting tools for industrial use in our domestic market & International market. We aim to be one of the most important HSS & HM twist drill and end mill manufacturers in Europe. Based on our competitiveness we expect to achieve significant market-shares in all industrialized countries in the world.

Hss drill bits, Long size drill bits, Taper shank & Long drill bits, Left hand flute drill bits, Counter shank drills, Stainless steel drilling bits, Carbide drill bits, Carbide taper shank bits, Cobalt drill bits,Hss tap set, Hex die and machine tap in all thread. Hss hand reamers, Taper reamers, Twist flutes reamers,Taper shank reamers, Expanding type reamers.Hss end mills cutters, Single flute end mills, Two flute, four flutes long type end mills,Carbide end mills cutters, Involutes Gear cutters, Angle cutters. Carbide, diamond Burs in all type of shape, long type Burs. Special cutting Stainless holes, cutters, magnet cutters and arbours


We proudly stand by our German production site, as here we can take advantage of the know-how of our on-site partners and ensure maximum production quality. Our production facilities are state-of-the-art and the heart of MPS. Our qualified and experienced team works with only first-class steel from Germany, Austria and Sweden and guarantees the highest quality sawing products. Whether it’s a jigsaw, sabre saw, or circular saw blades, handsaws or hole saws, MPS always offers top-grade products. When it comes to sawing, MPS has the right tool for all requirements




 KORLOY Inc. is the leading carbide tool producer in Korea producing world-classcutting tools
and tooling system.Founded 1966,the company has made technicalinnovations to meet
customer rapidly changing and diverse needs and will be the best carbide
cutting tool manufacturer in the world. KORLOY will step forward to customers to carry
out the customer–cantered system providing high quality and ideal delivery and
technical support with creative new products from aggressive ideas and best customer services.



MAGICUT was set up in 1982 with the main objective of manufacturing quality cutting tools such as Tool Bits, Hacksaw and Band saw Blades. The company has since has gradually evolved
into manufacturing a wide range of Hand Tools.

Today Magicut’s portfolio includes Hole Saws, Hand Hacksaw Blades, Junior Hacksaw Blades, Power Hacksaw Blades,
Hacksaw Frames,
Jig Saw Blades, Reciprocating Saw Blades, Carbide Braze Tools, Tool Bits, Cut-off Blades, Tool Holders, Boring Bars and Lathe Tool sets.
MAGICUT is offering a comprehensive range of tools, all from a
single source. Besides an extensive domestic sales network it
has satisfied the needs of numerous, diverse customers across
the globe in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and America.

The Company is a member of various organizations such as
IMTMA, FIEO and indo German Chamber of Commerce etc.






Boring, Turning Tools, Cranked Turning & Facing Tools, Recessing Tools, Cranked Tools Bit, Parting off Tools, Inside Corner Tools Bit, Straight Finishing Tools, and Internal Undercutting Tools & External & Internal thread Toll Bit.


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