The KtS produces plastic articles, mainly fastening materials / plugs.
The company, that has been resident in Werne for more than 25 years, offers a large program of self-developments and products. Together with KtS produces for customers all over the world.

We stick together!
This slogan means a great deal to us - and has done for more than 25 years.

We stick together stands for working together with our customers in a spirit of constructive partnership, while, at the same time, it stands for our products themselves, which have also got to stick well together. Over the course of the last years, we have constantly extended our range and improved the quality of our products. In that time, KTS plugs have developed a look of their own, a unique identity that makes them instantly recognizable.

KtS - now a brand in its own right! - Made in Germany
As a customer, you have to be sure that the products we produce are of good quality and up to the standards you expect. It is only then that you fully appreciate the sales argument that we mention over and over again

Here is an extract from our product range. The individual components listed here are available in various sizes and dimensions.




All Type of G.I MS, S.S, Brass Hex Bolt, Washer in Metric, Inch and Fine. BSW, UNC, BSF.

All type of S.S, Nickel, Brass, Chrome, Pan, CSK, Cheese, Oval Head, and Self Trapping Screws , Machine Screws

All type of G.I MS, S.S, Allen Head Bolt, CSK Head, Allen Grub, Bolt in Metric, Inch, Fine. BSW, UNC, BSF.

Anchor Bolt, Throw Bolt Eye Bolt & Eye Nuts, Wedge Anchor, “U” Bolts, Stud, GI & S.S Split Pin.


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