Adhesive Glue For Wood and Metal



Kleiberit 501

Kleiberit Silicon 590

Kleiberit White General use Glue 320


Hot Press 871.0


Hot Melt 779.0

Tempo Glue D4 303




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Kleiberit Suprafix 126
Kleiberit Adhesive Glue 501
Kleiberit Foam 588
Kleiberit Suprasil 590 E
Kleiberit Tempo Glue 303 Kleiberit Hot Press Glue 871




Loctite Corporation’s innovative adhesives and sealant have been meeting industry’s need for over 40 years with an array of chemical technologies for locking, bonding, sealing and retaining. These high performance adhesive and sealants have successfully incorporated on thousand of production lines to help assemble parts quickly and efficiently. Industrial designers and engineers in growing number have integrated Loctite cover all type of Thread locking. Thread sealing, flange sealing, retaining, bonding & UV curing application 





(Perfect Adhesive - Perfect Bond)

 Bluecoat is widely used for all Types of Wood, Cold Press/Hot Press and Post forming applications. For bonding Plywood/ MDF /Particle board etc with each other & also bonding with Laminate/Veneer etc. For Edge Bonding, Finger Jointing and Wooden Flooring (where water seepage is not present)



Ultimate Fire Retardant Insulating Foam
Aerosol Applications Where Foam Expands
 Product Description

    ·         For Use with mounting Sealing, Filling and insulation in building applications.

·         Application with gun ensures precision, Speed and Form Efficiency
·         Cured Product Provides Excellent Thermal and acoustical Insulation.
·         Mould Proof
·         Resistant to heat and cold (-50°C to + 90°C)

Spit Retardant Expanding Foam
Multi use B2 Fire Retardant (DIN 4102), produced according to  ISO 9001 Spit Expanding Foam
Multi Use B3 Fire Class Produced according to ISO 9001
Typical Application    
     B2 and B3 Foam
·         Mounding windows and door frames.
·         Heat insulation of Water-pipe network, sewerage and central heating.
·         Fixing and isolation of wall panels, corrugated plates, Roof Tiles, Etc.
·         This foam can be attached to most popular building materials including: concrete, brick, PVC, Foamed polystyrene, metal and Wood
Universal Foam Cleaner
·         Dissolving uncured one-component polyurethane foams and adhesives.
·         Cleaning of dispensing equipment.
·         Degreasing metal surfaces prior to the application of silicones or foams
Stock Code                    Description                              Volume   Box Qty
ULG 5401000   B2 Fire Retardant Expanding Foam     750 ml     12 Pcs

ULG5402000    B3 Expanding Foam (Aerosol)              750 ml     12 Pcs



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